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Calling all Maya-heads; a serious call for help

(Cross-posted from my main journal)

I've been wrestling with this problem for ages and its really really really frustrating me. Even more, the people who I know who know the software either don't know enough to be able to help or are hiding from me whenever I bring it up. But I seriously need some help in getting this right.

I'm working on an enterprise model, and having serious problems with the "fantail" shuttle bay section of the secondary hull, where the large-door shuttle bay is. I'm trying to model that section specifically, and am having one hell of a time getting the surface used to model that part to have tangency with the rest of the hull shape. You can see examples here.

I need some serious help, folks, and I know that among all of you out there, there are people who know the software well enough to tell me what I'm doing wrong and offer guidance. PLEASE! I don't often beg for help, but I've posted this problem on several forums and have had lots of post views but only 2 replies, saying they can't help, so I'm at my wits end here. I really do not know what to do anymore.

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