NazZa® (naz_zar) wrote in ljmug,

How to make holes in polygons?

Hi everyone ;)
I am new to maya, and asking you for help.

By the way, sorry for my english, i'm not very good at it.

I am trying to create a model of the car. And i have one problem that i can't resolve. There is a big air intake in the front of the car. In the beginning i've just modelled it as i want it to be, but after smoothing i saw something wrong.

First i've just created this. And after smoothing, my air intake became too rounded. But i need hole with sharp edges, as it was before smoothing.

Then i've tried to add some hardening edges. Shape is good, but look at this ugly surface irregularity:

A tried many variants, but result is always the same. Then i desided to fill my hole and to use Make Hole Tool. But it works only with one-to-one face:

Now i have this single faced polygon in front of the car hood. All i need is an analog to Antinurb tool from 3D Max to cut faces accurate. I need some projection - face-to-object, to cut only what i need.
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